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Fluid Containment & Moisture Absorber Products

Self Bursting Fluid Solidifier Packets

MDS Associates has a line of sorbent packets and sorbent sheets products to protect yourself and your products in virtually every industry from moisture, mold, rust, odors, medical liquid spills and more.

Contain biofluids during transportation with DriMop® Water-Soluable Sheets and DriMop Self-Rupturing PacketsSaniSorb® pouches are non-toxic, self-bursting, self-dissolving and is the first medical liquid solidifier with a pre-measured self-bursting technology to quickly absorb and immobilize infectious fluid.

Car, boat and RV enthusiasts are encourage to check out our high-performing Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier Pouches when storing. TranSorb® is ideal for oceanic cargo shipping containers, truck delivery and to protect precious artifacts or documents try DriCan® in safes, vaults and display cases. These patented desiccant bags keep interiors and contents dry, fresh and they never leak! These innovative pouches eliminate moisture related problems that lead to foul odor, potential corrosion and the growth of mold/mildew during storage.

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