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Industrial Welding Gloves

Stick welding produces the most heat, sparks and spatter resulting in the need for work gloves with more heat insulation. Since this process requires less dexterity it allows the user to wear gloves that are thicker and offer more heat protection. TIG welding produces the lowest heat and the flame is concentrated to a certain area and the result is minimal sparks and spatter. The gloves needed for this application can be thinner top grain leathers to maximize feel and dexterity. MIG welding is the most popular weld for a broad range of applications. The heat levels are less than in Stick welding, and the user operates a welding gun with a trigger requiring more dexterity. MIG gloves tend to be lighter weight than Stick gloves and, most importantly, have enhanced dexterity.

Available with different cuffs, Welder's gloves are made of all leather split cowhide construction, fully welted and have a one-piece back to extend wear. Other styles included Dupont™ Kevlar® material that is very tough and resistant to burning or charring. Checkout our selection below to find the glove right for the job.

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